The Top Tumblers for Your Next Wine Night


Wine tumblers are a relatively new item on the wine-drinking scene, a very different look than the long-stemmed wine glasses of old. Wine tumblers do, however, tend to share certain features with stemware of old that is meant to enhance the wine’s properties, such as the tumbler’s material enhancing and reflecting the color and clarity of the wine, or the bowl and rim’s shape to direct the wine’s flavor and aroma, respectively, in the most pleasing way possible. In fact, wine tumblers have a few advantages that traditional wine glasses lack, as they’re easy to pack or fit in a dishwasher due to the shorter, more compact size, and the lack of a stem makes them much less fragile, less likely to break, and less likely to be knocked over. Some people also like the more casual, less formal appearance of a wine tumbler as opposed to a long-stemmed wineglass. This makes wine tumblers an ideal choice for more laid-back get-togethers with friends, so you can save your wine glasses for holidays and dinner parties.


Choosing a Wine Tumbler

Here’s what to consider when shopping for wine tumblers:

  • Shape: As with traditional stemware, the tumbler’s shape can enhance the flavor of the wine, depending on the type you’re drinking. As with classic long-stemmed glasses, a tumbler with a wider bowl is better for red wines, and narrower bowls are better for white wines. Consider which type of wine you drink more often and choose accordingly, or look for a set that contains both types.
  • Insulation: Some wine tumblers are insulated to keep wines chilled or to maintain their pouring temperature for longer. These are also a great option because they tend to stop your hand’s heat from warming up the wine. Some wine tumblers are also designed to be safe to put in the freezer ahead of use, as another way to keep your wine nice and cold for longer, even on a hot summer’s day.
  • Design: Because of their more casual nature, wine tumblers tend to offer more design options than their long-stemmed wineglass cousins. You can find traditional transparent wine tumblers that are painted or etched with designs and shapes like flowers, which further enhance the color and clarity of the wine inside. There are also opaque wine tumblers that offer further decoration; some are designed to look as if they’re made of wood or marble, some solid colors with names, logos, or words, and more.


Best Design Options: THILY Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler

While wine glasses, and by extension wine tumblers, are traditionally clear and translucent to set off and display the color of the wine inside. This is all well and good, but maybe you want to mix things up a bit. Maybe you want to match your tumblers to your decor or other kitchen accessories, or you don’t like the way see-through tumblers can be prone to fingerprint smudges. Maybe you want a solid colored, modern-looking tumbler, or even one with a lovely and unique pattern. If either of these options sounds up your alley, consider adding these wine tumblers to your collection. Available in packs of two, four, or eight tumblers, you have the choice between 15 different colors and patterns, from sleek rose gold to colored marbled patterns to gorgeous florals. In some sets, each tumbler matches; other sets come with tumblers in two different colors or patterns, allowing you to further diversify your collection. In addition to the tumblers, you’ll receive a removable lid and stainless steel straw for each glass, as well as a straw brush for easy cleaning. Each has a substantial 12-ounce capacity, large enough to satisfy most wine lovers. Made of food-grade stainless steel, they’re strong and resistant to shattering and rust and won’t leave behind a funny aftertaste, odd odors, or unhealthy bacteria. They’re also lightweight and portable, perfect for outdoor use. All components are BPA-free, eco-friendly, and won’t leak chemicals into your wine. The tumblers are vacuum-sealed and triple insulated to keep your wine cool for up to 9 hours. The exterior is dipped in copper for extra insulation and to prevent the glasses from sweating. The clear push-on lid will perfectly fit with the included stainless steel straws, prevent splashing and spilling, and keep your wine free of dust and other particles. The lids can be removed if desired.

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