We are proud to stand behind all of our products. All of our products are made to the highest standard and we take our product performance seriously, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products covering any manufacturer’s defects.


What does our warranty cover?

1. Broken Lids

2. Missing accessories

3. Drinkware that has lost its insulating properties: THILY stands by the vacuum insulation of its stainless-steel vessels for the life of the vessel. While it is rare for vacuum insulation to fail, it can occur. This usually happens when a trauma occurs to the vessel such as a significant drop.

4. Shipping related damages or issues: If your product arrives and has been dented or scratched in the shipping process please follow the steps to initiate a claim. If you use your product, we cannot replace it due to shipping damage.


What our warranty does not cover?

1. Please note the manufacturer’s warranty does not mean that you can abuse your THILY product and expect us to replace it for free. our warranty does not cover general wear and tear, dents or scratches, or powder coating chips from being dropped or damaged.

2.We don’t cover loss, theft, or any other misuse of product or care instructions within packaging (Dishwashing, etc.).


How do I initiate a claim when I have an issue with my THILY product?

Please send the following information to when initiating a claim:
Order number
Shipping address
Specific product details
Proof of purchase
Issue you are experiencing